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APOC is an elite club for travellers & adventurers that grants members amazing perks & rewards them for unleashing their inner explorer.

Membership by NFT ownership

Alfa Proxima Offshore Club

Club Rewards

We are bringing travel & adventure to the world of web3, with blockchain enabled points system, referral bonuses, NFTrip-fi & so much more. *Activated during Starmap 5


APOC is a pfp collection of unique alien NFTs that are minted on the ethereum blockchain. Some rarity traits will offer higher membership tiers that unlock rare club perks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the largest club of adventure seekers & travellers. We continue to partner with local brands, companies & services to afford holders an elite & curated club experience.

The Value

Tokens provide  club access such as account logins, asset backed tokens, member only access, club voting & other unparalleled rewards to be activated as hidden perks on the starmap.

Galactic Games

Tokens on the 00- Series get to participate in our community driven Galactic Games events. The Games welcomes players from around the world to pair up in teams to compete for alien supremacy. The winning team splits a cash prize among other rewards. Players are arranged into teams based on the jersey colour of their 00- series tokens.

Invasion Waves

A six wave mint cycle that will steadily control the flow of 45,000 alien tokens to the blockchain. The cost to mint will increase with each subsequent wave to match the value of StarMap activated perks in each cycle.


Each APOC Alien is algorithmically generated by combining different traits across different categories. See rarity perks for more details.

While all tokens within this collection will grant membership perks, certain traits will act as a perk booster or super perk trait. This adds even more value to your tokens when considering listing on the community marketplace.

The Series run of a token is denoted by the first two numbers in its name; APOC 20-4920. Some experiences are limited to series run access only, a great example of this is the 00- series that grants holders access to the Galactic Games.

Although joining a team and participating in the Galactic Games may be limited to the 00- tokens tickets to the game is covered by general membership.

Our Team

Our collaborative teams through DroTomic Inc and our partners employs some of the most talented minds in the space to help make this project a success, ranging from specialist in DeFi, Business management, Architecture, Consulting, Real estate, Super Yacht management, Design, VR Tech, Project management, Event planning, Hospitality, Tourism, Customer service, Retail, and Blockchain development. Our team is dedicated to building the worlds largest community of adventure seeking travellers, while also presenting some compelling perks to put excitement and conquest within reach of many.

Overall team size of 16 and growing.

Starmap 1.0

It's an exciting journey ahead, come see what we've done so far!

Aliens on the BlockChain:
1,112 / 45,001

Mint Launches

Wave 1.1 - 18/08/2022 ✔️
Wave 1.2 - 11/11/2022 ✔️
Wave 1.3 - 31/01/2023

The mint process will be equal chances for super rare traits to be minted regardless of mint phase.

Major Releases

Token Voting in Club Governance via Snapshot✔️

Next Major Release

The Galactic Games -  Club built tournaments for members to play both online & IRL to earn great rewards & prizes.

Get the Full Starmap on discord🔭

While we love to brag, we reserve the full details of what's to come in 3 month windows to just our club members via discord. 

Want to become a member? Mint a token or acquire one from our community marketplace.

Already a token holder, join our discord & verify your token ownership.

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Unleash Your Inner Alien

Empowering people to rediscover the wonders and beauties of this world through travel, adventure, exploration, and conquest. Are you Alfa Enough?

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